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Apples in Rutland – SEO and Social Media Training Case Study

Apples in Rutland is a cottage style luxury accommodation in Uppingham – one of the high end locations in the British Midlands. The BnB is in close vicinity to Rutland Water and Eyebrook Reservoir, making it an ideal place to stay for regular tourists.

Despite being in an ideal spot for continuous bookings, almost 5 years into business, Apples in Rutland was struggling to stay put with the changes in the digital landscape. Now that most bookings happen online, Apples in Rutland has been losing out because of not straightening up its strategy to stay relevant. Marketing Voice was contacted to provide the Business Strategy help needed by the business. We found issues with both the website and the overall digital presence of the business.

Suggested Website Fixes for Apples in Rutland

The website fixing suggestions included the following steps:

  1. Marketing Voice ran the website through an analysis tool – Keywords Everywhere – to determine what is the business ranking for in search results. The results showed that, instead of ranking for terms – such as “Rutland accommodation” or “Rutland bnb” – the page is ranking for irrelevant terms, such as vacation and water – bringing almost no direct sales.
  2. It was also identified that the website was created on a theme mostly consisting of images. The strategy would have been fine if the images included descriptions that were readable by search engines, but this step was not taken.
  3. The front page of the website also lacked any strong visual messages that can propel a BnB business. For example, the place should have clarified that it is an independently run business by Jackie. In order to do so, an image of Jackie in the cottage would have helped a lot.

Airbnb and Booking.com Business Strategy

The profiles of the cottage were also not doing great on accommodation platforms, such as Airbnb and Booking.com. In order to fix that, the following steps were taken:

  1. Even though Apples in Rutland offers 3 different room options, the availability was not indicated on the platforms. Efforts were put in to fix this situation.
  2. The information about the rooms was not correct. For example, 2 of the rooms had automatic size set to box rooms, even though all 3 options were nearly the same size. We can only speculate how much business this situation could have costed the BnB, but the situation was fixed.
  3. Some of the images for the rooms and the locality in general were off the mark. A place that is trying to sell on the basis of luxury and calmness did not portray the feelings to the utmost. A new photography session helped the situation.

The Result

Since the visit to the locality, the following steps have been taken:

  1. Jackie came to one of our training sessions on SEO and Instagram. The results of the training are expressed in the review posted by Jackie, provided below.
  2. It was also identified that the Eyebrook Reservoir, even though brings quite a few tourists to the region, was neglected by business. This situation was addressed though writing a blog about the reservoir, trying to divert some of the traffic to Apples in Rutland. The blog is now available on the official website of Apples in Rutland.

The efforts of Marketing Voice have brought Apples in Rutland back to life – doing justice to what the local business deserves – high quality visitors.

If you would like to know how can we help you straighten your business strategy, please feel free to get in touch with us, using one of the following options. We look forward to working with you.

Keywords – Apples in Rutland – Business Strategy Case Study

Apples in rutland business strategy case study