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About Marketing Voice

Marketing Voice was formed in June 2018. Now it’s December and we are writing the story a 3rd time. (To be fair, it is nothing compared to the 213 updates we have had on the the home page in the last 3 months – but you get the idea).

In retrospect, we are not reinventing the wheel either. We just want to convey what we stand for and more importantly, why we stand for it.


Inspired by the Kodak Story

Boyle and Smith were working at the Bell Labs in 1969 when they were informed that their funding will be cut down unless they progress in their project. An hour later, they had invented the basis for digital photography. (If only we all worked so well under pressure).

By 1976, Kodak had become so dominant in photography that 85% of all film cameras and 90% of all film sold in the US were Kodak. But, by this time, Kodak had already invented the first digital camera with 0.01 megapixel black & white photos and had decided not to launch it.


Kodak’s leadership was convinced there would never be a market for people to look at photos on a screen.

So, What do We Learn from KodakChange is continuous.

Giants are not around forever.

Keep an eye on customer-wants trends.


We can keep going. But, you get the idea.

We had a moment of awakening and the source was a bit different.

(Well it was digital marketing. It makes sense. We provide digital marketing services, so you should have guessed that).


The Failure of Business Number One

Harmeet caught the entrepreneur bug in 2011. It is a serious problem.

(In 2011, Taseer was excitedly watching Voyager 1 crossing the interstellar space as an Aerospace student. But, we will come back to him).

Harmeet had an idea to develop his passion in creative arts. Traditionally artists sell their own art pieces. The business idea was to have different artists able to sell their art pieces on one platform. pulling the artist community together He decided that the best way to do so was through a website.

Harmeet searched through tons of agencies to achieve the goal. However, only a few were proactive and professional enough to give time to a motivated business startup.

He shortlisted one agency because of their awards and trophies, complemented by an impressive building. Harmeet was duly impressed and signed a deal, and was assured of results

A year and thousands of pounds down the line, Harmeet was royally screwed-over with a grand online sales total of ZERO. At the time, it was even unclear to him what went wrong. The villain of this story was quite secretive. Gotham city isn’t the only place needing a superhero. Villains of this sort are seen in every city.

(Marvel vs DC continues).

All these years later, we can tell you clearly what was wrong with the service.

To give context on the negativity, despite agreeing to a Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) package, Harmeet had to write the website content and give website imagery himself. This level of technical knowledge is too much to expect from a business person – let alone building an artist community online.

Creative agencies simply lack the business intelligence, needed to grow exponentially. (Here is the awakening we were talking about).


Business Number 2 Becoming the Number 1 Business in Leicester

If you ask Harmeet now about the experience, he will tell you happily that he learnt a lot from it.

After spending 5 years as a policeman (no one saw this coming), Harmeet was back with a bricks and water business idea.

We have a saying – “A person burnt by hot milk, even blows on water before drinking it”.

For business number 2, Harmeet decided to learn digital marketing himself. He spent days building his website. He spent hours learning how to do the SEO himself.

This process took months, but the results are self-evident. Just Google “Leicester Airbnb Management”. Harmeet’s business, Airhorse, is number 1. The next result, Hibernate, is the rebranded version of Airhorse and is also owned by Harmeet.


But, That was Just the Beginning

Claws Of Wolverine


Alpha X-men

His love was killed brutally, the family that took him in met a fatal demise. (Kodak accepted defeat at this point. It is difficult to come back if you are not able to adapt or if it is too late).

But, when Wolverine acquired Adamantium claws, was that the end of the story? No. He went on to be the main X-Men Character. (Lets battle on the PS4 if you don’t agree – we have the VR version).

(On a side note, I could have used Hulk as the example. But, let’s be serious).

With the acquired knowledge of Digital Marketing, Harmeet knew what he wanted to do. Build a digital marketing agency that creates results first and creativity second.

But, Harmeet did not just want to start a digital marketing agency. He wanted the x-factor to stand out, with an added v-factor – the value proposition.


The Drive Towards the X-Factor

Wolverine doesn’t like working with a team. Our Wolverine did not go rogue after losing the loved ones. He keeps believing in building a team.

Harmeet met Taseer at the Innovation Centre in Leicester, around the end of 2017. By this time, Taseer had transitioned from:

  1. Aerospace (where he led an engineering team in a NASA competition) to
  2. Industrial Management (where he managed multi-million Euro projects for a major automotive producer) to
  3. Futurology and Lean Philosophy (where he connects urban living with elements of Business Strategy and Applied Psychology, and talks a lot about the future)

(We do not know what is wrong with him either!).

Taseer is now a PhD candidate and a lecturer in the department of Strategic Management and Marketing at DMU, Leicester. His experience in the industry and academia alike has made him an exceptional business strategist. But, there was a slight issue.


When Sensible Polar Opposites Meet

For the first 6 months, Harmeet and Taseer never had a single proper conversation. They just knew each other’s name and that Taseer is an academic, Harmeet has a property startup.

There wasn’t much common between the two to take off.

Harmeet is dyslexic, which comes with its own set of vulnerabilities. Taseer is now an academic, whose ideas may not always fit the way market thinks.

Taseer is a deep thinker that breaks down every notion into its constituents and spends too much time on details. Harmeet is an idealist with a vision for big things, big ideas that lack a sense of detailed understanding and execution.

But, once the two talked about the human in the digital , Marketing Voice was born within 2 days. (Again, if only we all worked so quick – it’s Bell Labs once again)

(To be fair, we also had our own Charles Francis Xavier who unconsciously brought us together).

Taseer and Harmeet come with their own positives and negatives. But, they know how to neutralise each other. Harmeet comes up with ideas, Taseer breaks it down into how to do it. Taseer is a realist, Harmeet is a big dreamer – they have realistic dreams now.

It also helps that they are both true to themselves and want to do big things in an ethical manner. The reasons for this attitude come from two extremely different philosophies, but they know what they stand for. Truth, honesty, comradery, progress, and change.


The Rise Of Marketing Voice

With Taseer’s vision of making Applied Psychology the central theme of Marketing Voice – well what is marketing without targeting the right audience – Harmeet had the x-factor.

The cherry on the top is – they are not alone in the dream anymore. They have built a community of like-minded individuals that share the dream. (You should come to our lunch events too, if you would like to join our growing team).

The Gift From at the X-MansionAt business level, they provide free training to startups to begin their own online journey. They understand that not everyone can afford to spend thousands on their dream. (You are welcome to the X-Mansion)

In short, they invite individuals and businesses to share the digital space – to grow using the tools of the present and the future.

And, when they work with clients, they keep things transparent, communicate, and treat the clients as business partners. (They have learnt from their past). They believe in growing a community and working towards bigger things. Bigger, better, together.

So, what is the result of all this?

Today, Marketing Voice is number 1 in Leicester. (Google “Digital Marketing Agency Leicester” to confirm it yourself).

The company also ranks high in other cities, including Manchester, Birmingham, Sheffield, and Leeds. (Next stop – London. This is not the end for Marketing Voice).

To be continued… 🙂