Digital Marketing Overview

The Internet connects 3.2 billion individuals and the number grows yearly. Therefore, the internet is a powerful tool for companies to build digital brand awareness. Businesses should train in-house marketers or outsource to a professional Digital Marketing agency to increase chances of success. We, Marketing Voice, specialise for technical SEO in Leicester. Learn about digital marketing here.

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You can choose between various Digital Marketing strategies to build the killer plan to connect with your clients. Therefore, Digital Marketing is a powerful mechanism to build your brand quickly and effectively.

Social Media and Search Engine Targeting

Have a strategy for Social Media platforms because a cluster of your customers uses the medium regularly. Digital Marketing gives you the best return on investments (ROI) for leads. You can go to the high-end Google, YouTube, and Facebook and check the results yourselves. If your marketing budget is low, start with Bing, Yahoo, Instagram and Snapchat and buildup from there.

You should keep in mind that social media platforms attract different profiles. To deal with the change of customers and their mentality, strategy specification will improve results for your efforts. Contact us (link this) to receive our Digital Marketing Strategy template. If you want a bespoke strategy, give Marketing Voice a call for a chat.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) for Social Media and Search Engines

SEO (Search Engine optimisation) is a long-term strategy that will save you money. But if you want to rank high quickly, use Pay Per Click (PPC) on Google, Facebook & YouTube. Please note only 10% of traffic clicks onto ranked adverts but you only pay when an individual clicks.
Consider training for Digital Marketing strategies, available through various professional academies, such as our SEO agency Leicester (add another example). You also have the option of online courses – e.g. Neil Patel a digital marketer who has a wide range of free online videos on YouTube .(add another example)

Find keywords used by your customers on Google to optimise your content. On this page we have used the keywords as Digital Marketing Agency Leicester and SEO Agency Leicester. If you have found this page through Google, we suspect you have used these similar key terms. You can install the analyser tool “Keyword Everywhere” into your browser to check which words businesses are using.

If you don’t have time for training, contact our SEO Agency in Leicester, Marketing Voice. We will start your project with a free audit.

Learn About Digital Marketing Campaigns vs Offline Advertising

Digital Marketing allows you to measure, unlike traditional strategies such as TV, billboards and leafleting. So, you can learn and adjust. As a result, Digital Marketing is cost effective for getting results.

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Connect with your customers by building an organic mailing list. Then, send them interesting content about changes in your industry regularly. Providing information about your business products and services is like watching a test match in cricket, i.e. needs patience for results. On a side note, make sure you get consent for sending e-books and email content beforehand.

Learn about Digital Marketing in Leicester, we distribute content through videos, v-logs, blogs, podcasts, and social media posts. As an option for email marketing, consider Mail Chimp, as it gives you the ability to automatically send your Digital Marketing content to specific groups.

Learn about digital marketing SEO 5 step process here

Contact us to learn about digital marketing and receive our strategies as an SEO agency in Leicester.

Mobile Browsers and Other Important Considerations

Make sure that your website is optimised for mobile devices to improve your Digital Marketing rankings. Optimise for the main browsers, such as Firefox, Safari, Google Chrome and Internet Explorer to get better visual and overall results.

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Mobile browsing usage is growing quickly year on year. Search engines, such as Google and YouTube, are major players here too. Hence, it is worth spending time and/or money to optimise your website to rank high on these platforms. By following our instructions, you can get a decent slice of the traffic that uses the search engines on phones too.

Value Beyond Products and Services

There are added ways of improving your SEO. E.g. when you write content for your customers, remember to answer their issues. Research suggests that the strongest connections are built through videos, v-logs, blogs and content marketing in the given order.

If you want to increase your chances of being seen on Google, make sure you website speed is optimised. Work on optimising your images and consider moving your website to an upgraded hosting plan or an individual domain name for improving results even further.

SEO Re-optimisation

The process of fine tuning your website to rank high is an ongoing strategy. You have tools such as Google Analytics, Google Webmaster, Adobe Marketing Cloud, and MOZ to get analytical data. Such information allows your Digital Marketing campaigns to be improved continuously.

Security Certificates

Search engines also rank you higher if you are digitally secure. This is the green padlock next to the domain entry field, achievable through purchasing an SSL Certificate. SSL Certificates are data files that digitally bind a cryptographic key to an organization’s details, making it secure for browsing.

GDPR Considerations

Because personal information is being exchanged more often, GDPR is the latest data law. Get in touch to find out how can we help you learn about Digital Marketing campaigns to stay GDPR compliant.

If you want to see if an SEO agency in Leicester do what they claim, put them through the Keyword Every tool. You will see their used keywords and see how well the content flows.

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