5 Digital Marketing Strategies on a Low Budget

5 Digital Marketing Strategies on a Low Budget

Here are 5 strategies to market your business if you’re on a low budget and want to get value for money results. There are so many digital marketing strategies to choose from but not every strategy works for everyone. Here are are some that generally work for most. If your just starting, we recommend you focus on 1 and build up as your skill level develops or else all will fall flat. 1 strong  strategy is better than lots of watered methods. This post should help you get started with a small budget and you can get started even if you have no experience.

The big bang is true – Colliding small energised ideas to create an explosion.

You are operating a business in the best time because we have marketing gifts that we free – Ofcourse Facebook, Instagram, Twitter. There is no excuse to be using at least one.

At Marketing Voice we’ve compiled the 5 best marketing strategies on a budget.  Here’s what we’ve learnt.

1. Use pay per click (PPC) on your social campaigns

It is possible to pay little and get lots of views in comparison to the traditional techniques such as leaflets. PPC is value for money – You only pay when someone is interested. Its £0 when there is no interest – What a perfect balance!

We understand it will be scary the first time but there are many Youtube videos to help or ask us and we will show you the way. It will be exciting so set a top budget for your spend.

2. Targeted blog posts

Create content and solves an issue for your customers. This post has been targeted at businesses who are starting to consider doing digital marketing themselves. (DIY digital marketing) – We love you too!

It’s important to target to connect and be help. Quality over quantity! Consider using technology to be targeted, focused and using science to be accurate. See what Neil Patel Says here

3. Be visual

Facebook favours videos in 2018. In fact users prefer watching and listening to videos so use the tools that your customers connect with best. Most phones have decent cameras so you don’t need to go on a shopping spree as though your shooting Fast & Furious 20. We take our images with a Samsung S9+ which gives a professional look.

4. Unleash the power of influencers

It’s not what you know but who you know. Want to know the secret of growing? Connect with influencers and get them on board to spread your message. You will get more credibility. Thinking you don’t know many or any? If you’ve not been living in a cave, we bet that you have influencers buried waiting to pop out on your doorstep. Negotiating a mutual benefiting deal will be the 2nd step.

5. How do you know what’s working?

Digital marketing isn’t superior just because its cheaper per person. Its because you can track. Unlike a TV advert or a billboard on a busy road, you can see what’s working with Digital marketing. It’s not fun tracking and analysing but it is cool to scale the strategies that work to get results!

Want more tips on strategy – watch here

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