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3D Advertising – Is This The Beginning of the Future at Marketing Voice?

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What is the aim of marketing, let alone digital marketing?

The aim of marketing is to understand your customers to a level where your products and services either fit a given need or generate a demand. In short, the aim of marketing is to sell.

The differences come along in the manner in which marketing is done. More precisely, the difference in marketing comes down to the medium that is being used.

Mediums of Marketing

And, this medium has evolved endless times since the birth of trade among humans. In recorded history of marketing, posters are attributed as the starting form. (I am using the term posters as an indicative term).

Now you have the options of broadcast, print, social media, as well as digital and interactive mediums. But, there is always a resistance.

On the interactive side of marketing, 3D, VR, and AR are the next big things, but resistance is already building up.

Grabbing Attention through 3D Advertising

The traditionalists are already calling these technologies a facade, something that will not stand the test of time. (It is funny to call such marketers traditionalists because they themselves are using mediums that are less than 20-30 years old).

But, the point of the fact is, these technologies grab attention when executed properly.

Executing 3D Marketing Sustainably

This does not mean that you need to pump millions into R&D to facilitate 3D advertising.

In this day and age of agile development, companies need to think from the perspective of what is the minimal product that you can start with. Tweaks and changes can then be funded by the money you make from the initial product rather than making things hard on your pocket.

Evolution at Marketing Voice

We have been talking about VR since the end of 2018. You can read our first blog on VR here.

And, Marketing Voice has finally reached a point where we can launch our first marketing 3D product. In the most MV fashion, we have been able to do so with a partnership – the partner being Insitu-App.

Currently, our Facebook test is in full flow, which has brought back encouraging results. And, as a result, we are in position to finalise the final details before a full product launch.

Stay in touch to keep up to date.

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